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How to use e-signature to maintain corporate productivity under the pandemic

Editing and sending electronic documents is very common in working environments; the importance of digital files in maintaining productivity for enterprises is even more obvious ......

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Defend against the information security threats of remote access actively

The National Information & Communications Security Taskforce of the Executive Yuan made an announcement in March of 2021 requesting agencies to strengthen .......

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Financial services are everywhere, and this highlights the importance of digital identity verification

The current development trend of online banking and digital banking caused online banks or mobile APPs to become the main channels for......

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Finding the best solution

Systematic、Highly flexible solution to protect all kinds of security information

Why choose us

Secured Automatic Commercial Process

Identity Authentication

First line of defense for information protection

Deeply involved in the identity authentication technology for more than 20 years, we continue to devote ourselves to important issues such as the advancement of authentication technology, type and application due to the constant transformation trend of the digital environment.

Electronic Stamps

The power to drive the digitalization of office process

The digital strength of electronic stamps can decrease the manpower and time cost for official document delivery, reduce the burden of management and provide service rapidly. Paperless, convenient and efficient solutions are also our basis for the development of electronic stamps.

Data Encryption

Stabilize the safety foundation of data sharing

Data encryption is also a crucial solution provided by us to secure your cyber security. We provide data defense solutions dedicated to the enterprise as the countermeasure to prevent data breach.

Smart Document

Grasp digital documents wisely

By our OCR technology, we effectively solve the customer's demand for mass digitalization of documents or ID recognition via comprehensive system planning. In this case, we promote more traditional businesses to develop into the stage of industrial technology.