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FastSIGN Cloud is an e-sign platform mainly designed for enterprise on cloud. Installation is not required. Users can easily put e-signatures into various e-forms within various divisions. This will accelerate the signing process and achieve paperless mode. FastSIGN Cloud not only provides intuitive signing platform, but also possess comprehensive security mechanism to secure your signature.


Attentive signing platform designed for various divisions in enterprise

  • The contract turnaround time is faster and more efficient for salesperson.

  • More convenient for HR recruitment to sign documents.

  • Administrative documents are easier to be done and managed within the signing process.

  • All documents can be tracked on the platform, which is convenient for purchasing division to complete purchasing process faster.


Accelerate signing process and start building a digital office by your fingertips!

  • Signing flow can be flexibly decided. The system will notify different person to sign and decrease the pain of following up the process.

  • Fulfill users to view and sign easily online without timing and geographical limitation.




Freely edit documents and manage the signning process in a smart way

  • Track all signning doucuments at a glance.

  • It’s easier to edit e-forms:

    • PDF, JPG, and PNG files are accepted.

    • Automatically sense blanks to edit signing boxes. Multiple signing boxes are able to be edited in batch.

    • Keep document records. Users can search documents and text contents with hotkeys.

  • Freely setup frequent-use documents to be templates. Unnecessary to repeatedly upload documents. Templates function is ready for instant usage.

  • Scan QRcode to sign directly. Mobile device is your portable signing board to display your real signature.

  • Smart management of signing process: files are categorized.

    • Signing order can be flexibly modified.

    • Track the signing status instantly and enable to send a reminder to accelerate the process.




Light, but very SAFE! FastSIGN guarantees the e-signature with high level security.

  • Buildup a special space to archive documents in your own folder on cloud. The process of validation and signing is encrypted.

  • Documents can be classified into different editing rights with authority management.

  • Signing straws are saved with encrypted files. IP are also recorded during the process when making signatures in order to secure the document.

  • All PDF files are required to do verification to ensure whether it has been officially proofed and signed within the process to avoid from malware modifications.




Sealing and protecting the signed document with AATL digital signature to prevent document from tampering

  • In compliance with the regulation of the Electronic Signatures Act in Taiwan, FastSIGN seals the document as verifiable PDF file via AATL (Adobe Approved Trust List) digital signature. To upgrade the security of electronic signature, the authenticity of the document can be verified by Adobe Reader to ensure the contents are not tampered.

  • Equipped with LTV mechanism, including methods such as timestamp verification, digital signature verification and file encryption to establish complete signature protective measures for the document. You can review whether the signature of the document is from trusted sources, whether there are modified records of the contents and the signer information to ensure the integrity of the file.

Quetionairres with e-signatures. All functions ready in FastSIGN

Only 3 steps to send out all questionairres.Collect many of done paper at once.
Step 1
Create a new document

When a certain document is required to collect from multiple people to sign and return, such like health questionnaire, and petition; creater can make multiple signing inquiries from template and send the signing link through email or communication software.

Step 2
Immediately sign on your portable device

Once the signing link is sent to receivers, they can directly click the link to sign or scan the QRcode to sign on a smartphone without a stylus.

Step 3
Receive the notification as soon as the process is done

Help to collect numerous documents efficently. When the signature is made, the system will automatically notify creater by email to ensure the process is up to date.

QRcode sign on mobile devices to accelerate check-in process

  • Upload check-in list to cloud, participants can scan QRcode to complete check-in process on portable devices.



Comprehensive backend setting allows to modify user list flexibly

  • Manager can easily monitor the remaining space of hard-disk and cloud space, as well as tracking the quantity of documents.

  • Freely setup, edit, and delete user on the list. Enable to import employee directory to adopt massive user- numbers in corporations.



Transforming the mobile phone into carry-on signature pad and your mobile approval secretary via FastSIGN App

  • Scan the QR code for signing and transform the mobile device into carry-on writing pad to faithfully display the handwriting.

  • Log into the business account to control all documents to be signed and promptly follow up the approval progress.