FastID recognition


Changingtec develops the ID recognition solution to adapt to the fast growth digital technologies and intelligent application. This solution can be used for FinTech, InsurTech and intelligent MediCare and accelerates the customer experience and process automation.The ID recognition solution is able to recognize "ID Card", "HealthCare Card" and "Vehicle Registration and Driver's License". It supports mobile apps and web based recognition. In addition, Changingtech conducts a technology which detects the canvas of the object and provides auxiliary frame for users to take photos easily. Therefore, it can quickly recognize the main fields on the object, saving your time for data entry.

This solution recognizes JPG, TIFF, PNG and BMP format images. The output images can optionally add up with watermarks to avoid file misuse. The recognized data format can be output as XML, CSV, TEXT or DAT types. Users can enjoy the convenience of digitalization, bringing from .saving time and reducing efforts for service and application.


● Keystone correction    ● Image binarization    ● Contrast enhancement    ● Image sharpening   ● Image direction detection (recognition of image reverse and rotate)    ● Watermark

Case Study

FinTech online application

This solution can be used for the "online account opening system" in the financial industry through the "ID recognition system". It provides simple, quick online application services through four steps, including photo-taking, upload, recognition and checks. It is in widely used in numerous financial institutions.

Membership application

Membership application is required for enterprises such as payment telecommunications, and retail industries. The application fpr,s amd documents can be scanned and recognized for enterprises to accomplish the application quickly.

Mobile application

This solution allows users to fill up ID information by taking photos and performing recognition via mobile apps. It is widely used in financial and insurance field.

Automatic Kiosk application

This solution can be used in banks and hotels with self-application counters. Users can put the ID on the platform to recognize and complete the auto-application via the solution.