Mobile One Time Password

Adding a solid line of defense for your account

The solid two-factor authentication mechanism effectively solves the problem of account and password theft via the characteristic of constant changing OTP to secure the safety of online transaction and organizational Intranet. Exclusive connection service is provided based on the demand of the customer and industrial attribute. The authentication structure consists of the server, agent and token to provide comprehensive planning for the enterprise.

Completely System Structure



Providing professional authentication server

Support synchronization of AD/LDAP/Data Base accounts and manual import by batch. Two kinds of Servers Structure for clinet to choice

Appliance Server

9-inch, 1U rack. Support HA (failover)mechanism build a backup server(Active-Active mode)

Virtual Machine Server

Offer VM host(Citrix/ Vmware/ Hyper-V) and set up with current VM server directly to meet the clients enviroment


Diversified software applications

Connection System Application Supported Firms
Networking System VPN, Firewall, UTM
Server Management Sysytem PAM, SWIFT, KVM
Mail Server System Outlook Web Access,
Active Sync, IBM Notes
Virtual platform management VM PlatForm
Virtual Desktop System VDI
Operating System Windows, Linux
Storage System NAS, Storage
Project Management System Redmine, GitLab
Enterprise Resource Planning CRM, ERP, HRM
Website Custimization IIS, JAVA Filter, Restful API
Single Sign On / Cloud service SAML
Remark: Shall you have any other demands except above-mentioned, freely contact us.

Various Tokens

Open the account by batch to provide online or offline linking service for tokens.

One-to-many linking service with flexible linking of accounts and tokens.

Provide temporary disabling, enabling and OTP dispatch functions when the token is missing.

Mobile Apps

By installing the MOTP Client APP into mobile devices such as mobile phones, smart watches, and tablet devices, you can obtain dynamic passwords anytime, anywhere, providing not only one OTP change for 60 seconds, but also a convenient Push APP function.。

Time-based & Challenge-response
  • No need for additional hardware. Easy to deploy

  • Low Cost

  • Real-Time


Distribute OTP through the SMS server.The service requests MOTP server to send an OTP SMS on user login. The user receives the OTP by SMS.

  • No need for additional hardware. Easy to deploy.

  • Low Cost

  • Real-Time


Using e-mail as an OTP carrier. An e-mail contains an OTP will be send if a service is requesting MOTP server.

  • No need for additional hardware. Easy to deploy.

  • Low Cost

  • Real-Time

T211 Permanent Display

Automatically generate OTP every 30 seconds.

  • Low power consumption

  • LCD display,Easy to read

C221 Display Card

Generates OTP by pressing button. Displayed on e-paper. OTP valid 30 seconds.

  • Thin and light, size like a credit card. Easy to carry.

  • Support Mifare wafer access control system or second-generation debit card

  • Button can withstand more than 5,000 times.

T310 Challenge-Response

Challenge-Response Type:The token generates OTP by enter a challenge code which is sent by the server.

Signature Type:The token generates OTP by enter specific information, like account and amount, for ensuring the correctness and integrity to avoid MIM (Man in the middle attack).

  • No need for additional hardware. Easy to deploy.

  • Low Cost

  • Real-Time

Push APP

This App employs OATH algorithm along with whole new push technique to enable users’ password-free authentication for even better use experience by a simple “One Touch”.

  • Customize the contents and types of messages to meet businesses' requirments

  • Support specific systems and devices(VDI/VPN/OWA/WINLOGON)

  • Push message from Apple or Google and transmit all data with encryption

  • Being able to work offline OTP if there is no network connection


Trigger View®
Mobile Email Secure Authentication

Trigger View is a mobile email authentication tool to secure your company's email.

  • Integrate Exchange Server

  • Intellient permission mechanism that allows staff to receive/send the company's email on their mobile devices.


Smart management platform

Trigger View is a mobile email authentication tool to secure your company’s email.

  • Multilanguage web-based management interface and convenient self-service user interface.

  • Provide functions of group and permission setting by the management system.

  • Complete audit verification records with Syslog protocol integration.

  • Save key encryption to prevent malicious attacks.