• 確保具有合法業務原因收集資料。

  • 確保在取得同意的情形下,收集及使用資料。

  • 收集、儲存和使用資料僅限於具有業務原因及取得同意的範圍。


  • 個資管理:全景軟體上架之APP,都未使用個資相關的資料,與手機相關的資料都只上傳到客戶企業內部,全景軟體並未保存任何客戶的個資。

  • 資料違規回應計畫:在發生可能影響員工、客戶或供應商個人資料安全的資料違規狀況下,我們將在發現事件的72小時內,採取步驟通知歐盟有關部門。

  • 資料隱私權影響評估:在啟動及執行新專案或產品、或者處理歐盟個體個人資料的新供應商辦理入選時,我們將會評估資料隱私影響,以便確保在全景軟體控制的任何系統或流程中充分保護個人資料。

  • 資料主體權利:我們能夠理解,與我們開展業務的任何人,都可能對全景軟體處理其個人資料的方式存有疑問。如果您想提出有關全景軟體處理的個人資料方面的請求,請Email:

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Statement

CHANGING Information Technology committed to protecting personal data of our EU employees, contractors, customers, and vendors, regardless of where that data is processed. We have a robust security program and an established series of internal policies, processes, and practices across our organization to ensure that personal data of EU individuals is processed appropriately and protected in our information systems.

When processing the personal data of EU individuals we:

  • Ensure there is a legitimate business reason to collect the data

  • Ensure we have consent to collect and use the data

  • Limit collection, storage and usage of the data only to the extent for which there is a business reason and consent

Below are some measures that CHANGING is ensuring compliance with GDPR:

  • Personal Data Management: Apps issued by CHANGING do not process any personal data. All data information on users’ mobile phones will be transmitted to their (corporate clients’) internal environment. CHANGING does not store any personal data from the customers.

  • Data Breach Response Plan: In the event of a data breach that may impact the security of employee, customer, or vendor personal data, we will take steps to notify EU authorities within 72 hours of discovery of the incident.

  • Data Privacy Impact Assessment: When initiating and implementing new projects or products, or onboarding new vendors that may process personal data of EU individuals, we will assess data privacy impact in order to ensure that personal data is adequately protected in any systems or processes controlled by CHANGING.

  • Data Subject Rights: We understand that anyone doing business with us may have questions about the types of personal data CHANGING processes about them. If you would like to make a request about the personal data CHANGING processes, please contact: