Flash Drive Management System

Efficiently control storage to flash drives ● Prevent confidential data leakage

Secure an enterprise’s computers and data sharing

uSAFE is a Flash Drive Management System innovated for enterprises. uSAFE secures internal scenario by allowing only authorized Flash Drive and computers to read and write the files. Through smart and convenient setting, the system will generate unique “Secured Flash Drives” to avoid from uncertain files or programs written to drives. The solution will efficiently keep the computers from virus invasion. Files in the drives are protected even drives are missing because only authorized computers allowed to read files to prevent malicious usage. uSAFE secures an enterprise’s internal scenario, strengthens data security and be on a strict check of data sharing procedure.

Strict Flash Management to save data and secure an enterprise’s computers

Smart Management for Enterprises’ Flash Drives

  • The management portal provide a platform to set Flash drives easily and deploy installation file fast. IT administrator can easily authorize computers and fulfill efficiency and convenience through management portal.
  • Not necessary to connect with internet. Flash drives are allowed to read and write by certain authorized computers. Enable to allow some external usage by locking files with password.

uSAFE Flash Drive is protected with multi-authentication

  • Enable to set computers to block all data storage devices and only allow uSAFE flash drives to fulfill the security of flash drives management.
  • Verify rule can be selected with following dynamic options, like ID & Password, PIN code, access program, applied program, etc. Only the person fulfill access check allowed to use uSAFE Flash Drive and freely select single or multi-authentication.

Comprehensive log record to control users’ behavior

  • When using an unauthorized flash drive, will alarm user and remind this impropriate behavior will be recorded into the system. Once uSAFE Flash Drive is used to unauthorized computer causes fail verification, after couple of times, the drive will be locked to avoid from data leakage.
  • Management toll can completely record computer name, access ID, time when uSAFE Flash Drive is read, information of unauthorized drives, and provide usage record for certain uSAFE Flash Drive to fulfill administrator’s record search and retrieval.

Easy Management Portal without intranet setting

  • Support OS: Windows
  • USB 2.0 connector