Flash Drive Management System

A system providing flash drive permission via central management program

Prevent data breach and virus intrusion from the flash drive

The internal computer will restrict the reading of external memory devices by convenient setting and generate an “encrypted flash drive” with specific conditions. Only specific computer environment and personnel can read and write the data of the flash drive.

uSAFE can effectively avoid unknown data or program placement to prevent viruses from intruding the internal computers of the enterprise or the use of people with bad intentions when the flash drive is missing. It also secures the safety of the enterprise’s internal devices and data while checking the data sharing process.

Flash drive virus

Manage the access of flash drive data smartly to avoid data breach from the details

  • The verification rules of the “encrypted flash drive” can be configured based on the demand: account/password, PIN code, key (registering the editor value), specific file assignment, domain verification.

  • Diversified rule setting enables those qualified to use the encrypted flash drive. Single or various verification methods can be selected freely.

  • Advanced setting of read-only or read-write functions



Prevent virus intrusion by limiting external hard disk reading

  • uSAFE can effectively prevent USB shuttle attacks and data leaks, which traditional antivirus software is unable to defend against human error and insider threats.

  • The computer can be configured not to read any external storage device but only the encrypted flash drive to manage the use of internal devices effectively.

  • If the validation of the encrypted flash drive failed repeatedly, the flash drive will be locked to prevent virus intrusion or breach of important data.





Warning: Automatically block not unverified USB drives.

  • When using a nonconforming flash drive, the individual warning message will be displayed, the device will be removed automatically, and the use record will be saved in the database.

  • The record information includes time, computer name, domain, account, verification information, USB serial number, serial number of nonconforming token and warning message.




High security with usage flexibility

  • Documents waiting for process can be seen clearly at a glance to approve and follow up document conveniently.

  • The key rules can be managed autonomously and the rules of (burned) encrypted flash drives can be configured repeatedly based on the policy. Also, the enterprise can adjust the policy freely.

  • Free from agent installation. The access permissions of offline or external computer can also be configured via password or other verification method.

  • Available to configure the whitelist of specific devices.



Lightweight management tool

  • The user can access the system without connecting to the internet and there is no need to establish the server and database.

  • The wizard setting mode provides fast and convenient management platform.

  • The exempting from encryption/decryption may result in the risk of file damage and inconvenient usage.

  • The system generates and deploys the setup file for the IT management personnel to easily deploy the internal computer with convenient management and usage.



All actions of USB drives are under control.

  • Web-Based portal for searching: IT manager can conveniently monitor the status.

  • Comprehensive Search: Block records, uSAFE drive saving records/ verifying records and other saving records to exceptional drives, and white-list records.


Support Windows OS to meet business needs

Main System

Above Windows 7

Above 2008 R2


Above Windows 7

Above 2008 R2

encrypted flash drive

Above Windows XP

Above 2008 R2

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