ServiSign Cross-Platform Security Control Component


Common web page browsers in the market such as Microsoft Edge/IE, Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Apple Safari and Opera, can support general HTML pages. However, component technologies are required for using browsers to call the citizen digital certificates and Financial CA to conduct relevant applications. These component technologies include ActiveX, Java Applet and Plug-In.

Due to the security reasons,however, Edge does not support ActiveX. Due to safety reasons, Java Applet is prohibited in Chrome or FireFox. Changingtec aims to solve the long-time hassle where users have to download different components for different browsers. Changingtec has developed ServiSign, a cross-browser component, based on the HTML5 standard. ServiSign is the only component users need when using different browsers.


Convenient integration
  • ServiSign runs in the background after being installed on the user's PC. It starts up automatically when booting.

  • The web application uses JavaScript to call ServiSign.

  • Messages between the web application and ServiSign are SSL-encrypted, leaving no worries of data leakage.

  • ServiSign contains different component functions, such as the digital signature, encryption and ATM cards.

  • ServiSign component has GUI to turn on/off the log function.

  • The GUI of ServiSign component supports Traditional Chines,Simplified Chinese and English.

Supports all kinds of HTML5 browsers in the computer.
  • Edge 79 and above

  • IE 10 and above

  • Chrome 80 and above

  • Firefox 72 and above

  • Safari 14 and above

Support all types of computer OS.
  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11

  • MAC OSX 10.15 and above

  • Linux (Fedora、Ubuntu)