Privacy Policy

Most welcome to your visit at Changing Information Technology’s website (hereafter referred to as The Website). In order to offer you secured use of respective services and information on The Website, here we expound our privacy protection policy for protecting your rights; please read the following contents carefully:

I. Scope of Privacy Protection Policy

The Privacy Protection Policy includes the way in which we process your individual identification data that were gathered by The Website when you are using The Website. This Privacy Policy is neither applicable to externally linked websites other than The Website itself, nor to individuals who are not entrusted by The Website for, or participating in, the management.

II. Collection, Process and Use of personal data
  • When you visit The Website or make use of functions or services provided by The Website, we will request you to provide necessary personal data of yours depending on the nature of the servicing function, and we shall process and use your personal data within the specific scope of that specific purpose; The Website will never use your personal data for other purposes without your written consent.

  • The Website retains your name, email address, contact method and use time while you use interactive functions such as service mailbox, questionnaire survey, etc.

  • In a general browsing session, the server will automatically record the relevant path including IP address of your linking device, as well as your use time, browser used, data browsed and selected, etc., as basis for us to improve services of our website; these are for internal use only and will never be disclosed externally.

  • In order to provide accurate services, we will process the collected questionnaire contents for statistical analyses; analysis results and text expression of statistical data will be publicized, if required, in addition to being used for internal researches; however such statistical data or text expression shall not involve personal information of specific individuals.

III. Data Protection

Host of The Website is provided with respective security devices and necessary safety protection measures such as firewall and virus prevention system, adopting the most restricted protection for The Website and for your personal information. Only authorized personnel are allowed to access your personal data; relevant processing personnel are subject to a confidentiality agreement where legal actions will be taken in the event of any violation.

Should it become necessary to entrust a third party for providing services, The Website will also strictly demand that such party abides by the confidentiality agreement with necessary check-up procedures taken to verify its proper observation of the same.

IV. Relevant External Links of The Website

Links to other websites are provided on The Website; you may also enter other websites by clicking the links provided by The Website.However the linked websites are not applicable to Privacy Protection Policy of this Website and you should reference the relevant privacy protection policy of the linked website.

V. Policy for sharing personal information with a third party

The Website shall never provide, exchange, lease or sell any of your personal data to other individuals, groups, private enterprises or public entities; however those having legal bases or contractual obligations are exempted from this limitation.
The above proviso shall include, but not limited to:

  • Those consented by you in writing.

  • Those required by statutory stipulations.

  • Actions for eliminating risks to your life, body, freedom or properties.

  • Those who cooperate with a government entity or academic research institute based on public welfare for the necessity of statistical or academic research and the data have been processed by the provider or collector so that specific interested parties are unable to be identified.

  • When the managerial unit of The Website analyzes and discloses your personal data for the necessity of identification, contact or taking legal actions against your behavior on The Website which violates the services terms or is likely to damage or impede rights of The Website or other users, or may impose damage to any third party.

  • Rights which are beneficial to you.

  • When entrusting a service provider to collect, process or use your personal data, The Website shall do the best to properly supervise the entrusted party or individual.

VI. Using Cookies

In order to provide optimal services, The Website will place cookies into your PCs and make use of them; if you are not willing to accept the write-in of cookies, you may select a [High] level of privacy in the functional options of your browser for preventing any write-in of cookies; however this may result in disabling some functionalities of The Website.

VII. Revision of the Privacy Protection Policy

Privacy Protection Policy of The Website will be revised from time to time for coping with actual requirements and revised terms will be posted on the website immediately.


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