Many famous worldwide banks have introduced this solution, which complies with security control standards for e-bank operations carried out by financial institutions in Taiwan. This solution is used for identification during login or transaction processes of banking services. Biometrics uses flexible methods such as recognition on mobile devices or on server. Users can bind mobile devices for registration and identification to improve security of access control.


1. Suitable for numerous fields and applications

(1) E-Banking

(2) ATM (card + biometrics)

(3) iTeller/ vTeller(card + biometrics)

(4) Mobile POS

(5) Branch (card + biometrics)

(6) IVRS/ Call Center… etc

2. Supports out-of-band and in-band applications

(1) The online banking broadcasts two-factor authentication (Out-of-Band)

(2) Mobile banking (In-Band)

3. Flexible design of authentication platform

(1) Provides architecture compliant with FIDO UAF specification

(2) Provides architecture for biometrics recognition by central platform

(3) Provide integration with user-end devices for biometrics recognition

4.Secure protection of biometrics information

(1) Integrate with key management

(2) Protect Biometrics information by central platform

(3) Protect Biometrics information on user-end device

5. Recognition quality control of biometrics and liveness detection

(1) Provide face processing and recognition

(2) Provide voice processing and recognition